IGI-Group is a company of assistive technology and IT consultants founded in May 2004, with initial scope the design, manufacturing, import, sale and full support of assistive technology IT products for the disabled.

Our goal is to transform technology into a real competitive advantage of unlimited value for the users, resulting in increased productivity and competitiveness, but also in optimizing the quality of life and work.

Our company offers:
• Full range of recognized and branded assistive technology products (Hardware, Software) from the major companies worldwide, with basic criteria an integrated response to the specific needs and requirements of each user.
• Substantial knowledge and experience in usage, and other appropriate means for quick and proper training in their operations. All our products are localized, so that the users can use them instantly in their native language, avoiding delays in learning, or mistakes in their use.
• Software demanding applications along with corresponding advisory services, and high-level support and training.
• We ensure high quality solutions through strategic partnership with international companies, leaders in production of Hardware and Software, in order to implement even highly complex IT projects, based on our sound technical training, stable infrastructure and particularly our long and varied experience.
• We provide comprehensive support and maintenance services, as authorized service center of leading manufacturers globally, coupled with the provision of full training and education.

IGI-Group is focused on designing, development and especially, the best use of new technologies, offering private customers and organizations, significant competitive advantages.

Our goal is to guide and educate our partners and our customers in reaching safe and reliable final decisions on strategy and implementation of solutions that cover not only their current, but also their future needs.
Also, we fight to remain continuously on top of the fast changes in technology.